Call for Essays and Student Writing Competition: The Good Life in Asia's Digital 21st Century

Abstracts Due: September 8th

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is excited to invite you to submit reflection pieces in the form of short essays for a collection entitled, “Digital Good Life in Asia’s 21st Century.” This collection will be published in November 2015 in the context of an international and interdisciplinary symposium on Digital Asia in Hong Kong.

Designing Successful Governance Groups

Lessons for Leaders from Real-World Examples

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, together with the Global Network of Internet and Society Research Centers (NoC), is pleased to announce the release of a new publication, “Designing Successful Governance Groups: Lessons for Leaders from Real-World Examples." This paper draws on our previous research and provides an actionable starting place for those interested in understanding some of the critical ingredients for successful multistakeholder governance.

Authored by
  • Ryan Budish
  • Sarah Myers West
  • Urs Gasser

10 Aug 2015