Through discussions, lectures, conferences, and other gatherings, the Berkman Center convenes diverse groups around a wide range of topics related to the Internet as a social and political space. The unique interactions generated through these events - both as process and product - are fundamental elements of the Berkman Center's modus operandi. We encourage you to join us at the events listed below to learn, engage, and connect with our community.

Location: All events are open to the public and are held at the Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA, unless otherwise noted (directions).

RSVP: For events requiring an RSVP, please use the RSVP form embedded within individual event pages. Contact Carey Andersen at for general inquiries. Our events benefit from a broad and diverse mix of participants, which often consists of core members of the Berkman community, in addition to new faces and those who want to learn more or get involved. Luncheon talks in particular are almost always oversubscribed, and although we must sometimes restrict attendance due to capacity constraints, we welcome and encourage participation online via our webcasts and social tools.

Webcast: Many of our events are webcast live. To join a webcast, please visit this link during the event. Webcast archives are available in our Interactive section.

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Our upcoming events are listed below in chronological order, with one or more featured items appearing at the top of the list.

Mar 13 2015 12:00pm to Mar 13 2015 12:00pm

More Science Behind Shaping Behaviors in Online Games

We’ll start by using social network analysis to map out how player behavior (both positive and negative) spreads in League of Legends, an online game with over 67 million players a month. By combining the latest research techniques from social and cognitive psychology with machine learning and game design, you can reduce online negative behaviors by multiple factors, reset and re-create online cultural norms and create an online future that users and players can be proud of. Critically, these systems are all driven directly by feedback and contributions from the users and players of League of Legends.

Apr 7 2015 12:00pm to Apr 7 2015 12:00pm

The Black Box Society

Frank Pasquale and David Curran in conversation on the implications of big data for the future of law, compliance, and business. Moderated by Jonathan Zittrain.

Lifting the lid on the "Black Box Society": compliance and law enforcement for the 21st century.