Learning in a Participatory Culture

Our friends down the street at MIT's Project New Media Literacies (NML) are holding a conference in Cambridge this Saturday, May 2...The day's workshops will delve into the future of education -- from research to strategies to exhibits -- and NML will unveil their new "web-based learning environment," the Learning Library...

Apr 28 2009 3:00pm to Apr 28 2009 3:00pm

A Sneak Preview of Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine

Stephen Wolfram, creator of Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica, & Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

There's been great anticipation around Stephen Wolfram's ambitious project to create a comprehensive "computational knowledge engine." The Berkman Center is hosting a sneak preview of the Wolfram|Alpha system and a discussion of its underlying technology and implications. Participants include Wolfram|Alpha founder Stephen Wolfram and Professor of Law Jonathan Zittrain. Video of the event is now available.

Apr 28 2009 12:30pm to Apr 28 2009 12:30pm

Berkman Luncheon Series

Theories of Media Evolution

W. Russell Neuman, University of Michigan

Russ Neuman will trace the flow of information and entertainment into the typical American home from 1960 to 2005 in search of a theory of media evolution.

Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship

On 7 November 2008, the directors of the law libraries at a dozen leading universities met in Durham, North Carolina at the Duke Law School. That meeting resulted in the "Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship," which calls for all law schools to stop publishing their journals in print format and to rely instead on electronic publication coupled with a commitment to keep the electronic versions available in stable, open, digital formats...