Today's Berkman Luncheon Series: Bill Scannell

July 05, 2005

Bill Scannell is an international media strategist and publicist based in Washington, DC.  A former US Army intelligence officer, he has more than 17 years experience in journalism and media relations.  As a foreign correspondent based in central and eastern Europe in the 80's and 90's, he wrote for a number of publications -- including The Economist and the San Francisco Chronicle -- and broadcast news reports for TV and radio stations including Deutsche Welle, ABC, and the SABC. More recently Scannell devised and implemented the PR and media strategies for the HavenCo/Sealand data haven project, MojoNation, The Bunker, and other privacy-enhancing projects.  Bill Scannell is a veteran privacy activist who co-founded the Boycott Adobe movement and who helped support Russian programmer Dmitri Sklyarov.  More recently, Scannell has opposed CAPPS II, the airline passenger profiling system proposed by the U.S. government, and the sharing of passenger records by airlines with the government.  This year, he has pushed the U.S. State Department to re-evaluate its plans to incorporate RFID chips into passports and sought to prevent the new ID requirements of the REAL ID Act.

Scannell's talk is part of the Berkman Luncheon Series, and will take place Tuesday, July 5, at 12:30pm in Berkman’s conference room.  The Berkman Center is located in Baker House at 1587 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard Law School.

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