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Curated by the Crowd: collections, data, and platforms for participation in museums and other institutions

hosted by metaLAB's Jeffrey Schnapp, Matthew Battles and Pablo Barría Urenda

Curarium is a collection of collections, an “animated archive,” designed to serve as a model for crowdsourcing annotation, curation, and augmentation of works within and beyond their respective collections. A web-based platform, Curarium aims to construct sharable, media-rich stories and elaborate arguments about individual items as well as groups of items within a corpora.


Digital Media Law Project Announces a New Survey of Media Credentialing Practices

The Digital Media Law Project at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, together with the Investigative News Network, the National Press Photographers Association, Free Press, Journalist’s Resource, and the Nieman Journalism Lab, is pleased to announce the launch of a new study on media credentialing. We invite newsgatherers of all types to participate.


Teens and Mobile Apps Privacy: New Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center

58% of American teens have downloaded an app to a cell phone or tablet; More than half of teen apps users have avoided an app due to concerns about sharing their personal information; girls are especially likely to take steps to protect their location data

As teens gain access to mobile devices, they have embraced app downloading. But many teen apps users have taken steps to uninstall or avoid apps over concern about their privacy. Location information is considered especially sensitive to teen girls, as a majority of them have disabled location tracking features on cell phones and in apps because they are worried about others’ access to that information.


Where Teens Seek Online Privacy Advice: New Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center

Many teens ages 12-17 report that they usually figure out how to manage content sharing and privacy settings on their own. Focus group interviews with teens suggest that for their day-to-day privacy management, teens are guided through their choices in the app or platform when they sign up, or find answers through their own searching and use of their preferred platform.

Citizen-Centered Governance: The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics and the Evolution of CRM in Boston

During the summer of 2013, in anticipation of Mayor Menino's retirement in January 2014, Prof. Susan Crawford and Project Assistant Dana Walters carried out a case study examining the ongoing evolution of the Boston Mayor's Hotline into a platform for civic engagement.

  • Susan Crawford
  • Dana Walters

30 Jul 2013