Citizen Media Law Project and Cyberlaw Clinic Lead Amicus Effort Promoting Rights of Anonymous Online Speakers in IL

In a case involving important First Amendment rights, the Citizen Media Law Project joined a number of media and advocacy organizations in asking an Illinois appellate court to protect the rights of anonymous speakers online by imposing procedural safeguards before requiring that their identities be disclosed.

Mar 24 2009 12:30pm to Mar 24 2009 12:30pm

Berkman Luncheon Series

The Intention Economy: What Happens When Customers Get Real Power

Doc Searls, Berkman Fellow

In these dawn years of the Information Age, when individuals have more choice than ever about what they can do with their time and money, big companies still talk about "capturing," "acquiring," "owning" and "managing" customers as if they were slaves. This kind of thinking is formalized in Customer Relationship Management systems. The age of Vendor Domination will end when customers get real power...