ILAW Turin Starts Today

This morning Jonathan Zittrain lectured on the history of the Internet and foreshadowed its many possible futures.  The ILAW Turin audience responded with questions about Internet regulation, and then broke into a discussion on how to preserve the open nature of the Internet given increasing security concerns worldwide.  Yochai Benkler lectured later on the rise of the networked information economy.ILAW is a three-day instructional program with the world's leading experts on cyberlaw. The program looks through the lens of the law at developing Internet trends which are most significant to business, consumer and technology interests.

First ILAW Module Released

Every participant at ILAW is provided with learning modules in advance of the conference.  The modules are essays written by ILAW faculty and cover topics that will help participants understand the basics of cyberlaw before attending the conference.

Introducing “Open Source”

Christopher Lydon, a fellow at the Berkman Center and the Center for Economic and Civic Opinion at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, will launch his new radio program, Open Source, Monday, May 30 on Boston's WGBH and Seattle's KUOW.  Lydon has been a distinctive voice in print, television, radio, and the blogosphere for more than 30 years.

Public Media Luncheon & Webcast

Jake Shapiro and colleagues from the Public Radio Exchange will discuss public media at today's Berkman Luncheon Series. With new feed-driven ventures launching every other day, public media has some unique advantages in curating and distributing noncommercial content to large audiences.  Jake will talk about PRX's new "Pubcatcher" project and other developments in the field.

Urs Gasser on iTunes

Yesterday the Swiss national radio network interviewed Berkman's Urs Gasser about the long-term viability of the iTunes business model.  More than 100,000 iPod owners in Switzerland eagerly awaited the launch of iTunes Switzerland yesterday.

Oxford Internet Institute and Berkman Forum

The Oxford Internet Institute and the Berkman Center have organized a public panel and forum, "The Struggle over Internet Governance: Searching for Common Ground," to bring together knowledgeable and experienced participants with a broad range of perspectives to discuss issues concerning Internet governance.  The dual-edged nature of the Internet is becoming increasingly evident around the world, with the substantial benefits for educational, social, economic, business and entertainment purposes being offset by Internet-based cybercrime, pornography, spam and computer viruses.  As a result, governments, industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and various civil society groups and activists are seeking to influence and participate in the shaping and control of Internet.

Upcoming Conference: BlogNashville

BlogNashville is a three-day series of educational and informational sessions on blogging sponsored by the Media Bloggers Association. The inspiration for the event is former Berkman fellow Dave Winer's BloggerCon at Harvard and Stanford.  Issues to be discussed at BlogNashville are citizen media, faith-based blogging, PODcasting, local politics, international blogging, military blogging, and creating blogosopheres in developing countries.