Through discussions, lectures, conferences, and other gatherings, the Berkman Center convenes diverse groups around a wide range of topics related to the Internet as a social and political space. The unique interactions generated through these events - both as process and product - are fundamental elements of the Berkman Center's modus operandi. We encourage you to join us at the events listed below to learn, engage, and connect with our community.

Location: All events are held at the Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA, unless otherwise noted (directions).
RSVP: For events requiring an RSVP, please use the RSVP form embedded within individual event pages. Contact Carey Andersen at candersen@cyber.law.harvard.edu for general inquiries.
Webcast: Many of our events are webcast live. To join a webcast, please visit this link during the event. Webcast archives are available in our Interactive section.
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Our upcoming events are listed below in chronological order, with one or more featured items appearing at the top of the list.

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