Apr 28 2015 12:00pm to Apr 28 2015 12:00pm

Berkman Luncheon Series

Intellectual Privacy

with author Neil Richards

Come see @neilmrichards explain how privacy and free expression are essential to each other as he talks about his new book Intellectual Privacy.

Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital Media

New ebook presents diverse views, experiences, and insights on key challenges and opportunities

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Youth and Media are excited to announce the release of the new ebook “Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital Media,” a first-of-its kind collection of essays that offers reflections from a diverse perspective on youth experiences with digital media and with focus on the Global South.

Apr 7 2015 12:00pm to Apr 7 2015 12:00pm

Berkman Luncheon Series

The Black Box Society

With author Frank Pasquale. Moderated by Jonathan Zittrain.

Does the increasing velocity, variety, and volume of data make regulators' jobs harder or easier? Some say we are entering a "golden age of surveillance," enabling perfect enforcement of laws. But Frank Pasquale's book "The Black Box Society" argues that, at least in areas like privacy, antitrust, and financial regulation, big data can also enable obfuscation, stonewalling, and even fraud.